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The history, current status and development trend of self-adhesive label printing

In the end of the century, China began to print self-adhesive labels. All self-adhesive printing equipment and technology were introduced from Japan. The coastal cities Tianjin and Guangzhou took the lead in promoting this new technology to the whole country. At that time, the form of web processing was the main one. Due to the limitations of equipment technology, only some simple graphic labels could be processed.
After entering the era, the market demand for high-end self-adhesive labels is increasing. Since most of the domestic products are hand-labeled, some self-adhesive printing factories use a sheet-fed offset printing machine to print self-adhesive materials. The offset press can print a variety of color prints, which improves the quality of label printing. Although other processes are performed by a single machine, the number of self-adhesive labels is increasing. The actual situation is that all units that can print can print self-adhesive materials. Therefore, at present, China's self-adhesive label printing is the coexistence of web and sheet of paper, forming a self-adhesive label printing industry with Chinese characteristics.
In recent years, the demand for high-grade, self-labeling self-adhesive labels has become more and more large. For this reason, some foreign professional self-adhesive label processors with advanced technology and equipment have entered the Chinese printing market, and some domestic The printing company has also introduced advanced letterpress and flexographic label printing equipment. At present, the high-end label products are increasing, which can partially meet the needs of domestic foreign-funded enterprises and large state-owned enterprises, but there are certain potential markets.
At present, China's self-adhesive labels are gradually increasing in the scope of application, and the number of products for automatic labeling is gradually increasing. The future development trend is: the scale of sheetfed printing is decreasing, and the number of web printing is increasing. High-quality design, linked-printed mesh-colored labels will replace the sheet-fed labels printed on offset presses. The use of high-grade raw materials will become larger and larger, and film labels will be increasingly used in commodities. With the development of the economy, China will become the world's largest market for self-adhesive label applications.



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